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Keep Tree Growth Under Control

Hire us for tree trimming services in Gallatin, Cottontown, TN and Middle TN

Healthy trees can add beauty to your property and improve your air quality. But your trees won't stay healthy on their own. They require constant care and attention. Jones Elite Hauling would be happy to give your trees the care they need to thrive. Hire us for tree trimming services in Gallatin or Cottontown, TN. We'll remove dead, diseased or overgrown branches to restore your trees to their natural beauty.

To learn more about our tree trimming services, call 615-579-8170 now.

Remove troublesome trees with ease

Are you worried about a hazardous tree on your property? Call us for tree removal services ASAP. We can remove trees that are:

  • Soft to the touch
  • Infested with insects
  • Covered in mold or fungus
  • Leaning too close to your house
We'll cut down the tree in sections, then grind down the stump so it's level with your lawn.

If you have any questions or concerns about our tree removal services, contact us today.